What Is In A Sunrise Roll Sushi And How Can I Make One?

The Sushi roll has been here for a while now. It is a well-liked healthier fast food option. The western world is even moving away from mainstream sushi to make modified sushi rolls by adding a variety of unusual contents. These include crispy chicken stuffing, brown rice, and others.

That said, you might be wondering how to make a long, delicious sushi roll like the one you get from sushi restaurants. More specifically, you may be wondering how to make the iconic sunrise roll sushi. Here is a recipe. But first,

What Is In A Sunrise Sushi Roll?

Depending on your preferences, your sunrise roll sushi could include any of the following: Sushi seasoning [brown sugar, salt, rice, distilled vinegar, water], rice, tempura shrimp, frozen salmon, avocado, fresh lemon zest, cucumber, and so on.

Making a Sunset Sushi Roll.

If you’re a fan of rich and savory sushi, this recipe is a good start. Here are the tools and ingredients you need for this specific recipe:


Sushi Mat
Sharp Serrated Knife
• 1 Gallon Freezer Bag
• Cellophane Wrap to Cover Roll


• Nori (1/2 Sheet)
• Sushi Rice (Prepared; One Palmful)
• Cucumber Slices (1/4″ thick and the length of the roll)
• Seafood of your choice (all rough chopped; imitation crab, bay scallops, salad shrimp, mayo, and sauce to taste)
• Topping (masago, sriracha, mayo, roughly chopped salad shrimp)


What Is In A Sunrise Roll Sushi And How Can I Make One?

1. Start with a half sheet of nori and a little palmful of rice. Put the sushi mat into the gallon-sized plastic freezer bag making sure that no sushi rice gets stuck in the mat.

2. Place the Nori seaweed square on the roll mat. With damp hands, place a fistful of sushi rice in the center of the Nori half sheet and spread it out gently to the edges.

3. The secret to all rice-covered sushi recipes is to carefully press down to make sure the rice sticks to the Nori. The sheet side of the Nori sheet should also be facing up.

4. Along the center of the Nori sheet, arrange the cucumber slices in a line. The cucumber gives this sushi recipe a crisp, cold flavor and texture.

5. Add your seafood mixture, careful not to overstuff. It will be challenging to roll up if the roll is overfilled. Bring the Nori sheet away from you and over the top of the sushi roll contents while holding the two roll corners closest to you.

6. To ensure that the Nori sheet seals, gently press down and tuck it into the filling. Top with the spicy shrimp topping. Just a lovely coating on top will do for this sushi roll recipe. The little masago gives the roll a lovely appearance and gives the flavor a good twist when it is added now.

7. Place the plastic wrap on top of the sushi roll, press down, then press down once more.

8. Use a damp serrated knife to cut the roll of plastic into eight even pieces by cutting it in half once, aligning it, and cutting it in half once more.

Present and Enjoy Your Snack!

Add some style to this dish by arranging your 8 pieces into an “S” shape. Serve while fresh. Enjoy your delicious sunrise roll sushi like a pro!