Creative Recipes: A Guide On How To Prepare Princess Roll Sushi

The term “sushi roll” basically refers to a rolled sushi.

A princess roll sushi is a type of sushi that is conventionally made of the following base ingredients:

• Seafood such as crab sticks and shrimp
• Vegetables such as cucumber and avocado
• Dipping sauce

At this point, it is important to note that different chefs and culinary enthusiasts often make modifications to their princess roll sushi recipes. This means that you may visit different restaurants and find that the princess sushi roll served tastes different from what you were served at another joint.

In this article, we will provide you with a detailed guide to preparing a tweaked (and hopefully tasty to you) princess roll sushi recipe …

A Recipe for Preparing a California Princess Paleo Roll Sushi

Base Ingredients
• Steak
• Shrimp
• Guacamole
• Vegetables
• Curry and Coconut Citrus Cream Sauce
• Nori Sheets

Items You Will Need

Bamboo mat
Chef’s Knife
• Cutting board
• Kitchen towel
• Bowl of cold water

Preparation Process

Below, we will provide a guide on how to properly prepare each of the constituent ingredients of the princess roll sushi before providing final assembly instructions.

1. How to Prepare the Steak


• 1lb grass-fed top sirloin
• Salt
• Pepper
• 1 tablespoon of butter
• A dash of coconut paste
• 2 tablespoons of ghee


• Preheat oven to 138 degrees Fahrenheit
• Rinse steak then pat it with salt and pepper to taste
• Put the steak in a pouch, add a small pinch of the coconut paste and then vacuum seal the pouch
• Put the pouch in the oven and let it cook till tender
• Once the sirloin is cooked, sear it in the ghee for at least 1 minute on each side and then set it aside

2. How to Prepare the Shrimp


• 16 ounces of a large shrimp that has been thawed, peeled and deveined
• Salt

Creative Recipes: A Guide On How To Prepare Princess Roll Sushi

• Boil a large pot of salted water
• Add the shrimp and let it boil for around 3 minutes until it turns pink
• Drain excess water and pat the shrimp dry using a paper towel
• Chop the shrimp into fine pieces using a food processor and set them aside

3. How to Prepare the Guacamole


• 8 ounces of guacamole
• 2 teaspoons of Eden Wasabi Powder
• A few drops of hot water


• Put the wasabi powder into a bowl, add a little hot water and mix until it turns into a paste
• Let the paste sit for around 5 minutes
• Add more wasabi powder to the paste to your preferred taste

4. How to Prepare Curry Sauce (To be used in the shrimp mixture)


• A ½ cup of coconut milk (Do not shake the milk)
• 1 tablespoon of Sriracha
• 2 tablespoons of either green or yellow curry paste


• Put the coconut milk in a bowl
• Add the shrimp and stir then put the mixture aside

5. How to Prepare the Citrus Cream Sauce


• Coconut cream (can be sourced from your coconut milk can)
• ½ orange (to be used in preparing orange juice)
• ½ lime (to be used in preparing lime juice)
• 1 teaspoon of Sriracha
• Salt


• Put all the ingredients in a bowl and mix together until you get a mixture whose density is akin to that of sour cream then set it aside

6. Vegetables


• 3 onions (Green)
• 6 spear asparagus
• 4 carrots
• ½ peeled cucumber
• 1 small container full of radish sprouts
• Nori sheets
• 1 small container of pickled ginger
• A small handful of cilantro
• 1 jalapeno


• Cut away the bottom half of the asparagus and then splice the remaining top tip half-way lengthwise
• Trim the onions and leave the bulbs and then splice them into very thin slices
• Cut the carrots into thin slices
• Split, seed and then slice the cucumbers into thin strips
• Cut the jalepeno into extremely thin slices
• Set all vegetables aside

Final Preparation Steps

1. Put the nori sheets on the bamboo mat
2. Place a strip of guacamole horizontally in the middle of each nori sheet
3. Add a strip of shrimp (about 2 fingers) next to the guacamole
4. On the other side of the guacamole strip, add 2 layers of steak (about 2 fingers wide)
5. Lay cucumbers and sprouts on top of the guacamole, shrimp and beef
6. Place some onions and carrots at the bottom of each sheet
7. Roll the sushi carefully using the bamboo mat and ensure that you tuck the nori as you proceed so that the constituent ingredients do not fall out
8. Dip the chef’s knife in cold water and cut each roll at the center then splice it further into half
9. Place the sushi on a plate and then add a drop (or more – as desired) of the coconut citrus cream, a bead of the Sriracha, a jalapeno slice and then top up the ensemble with a just one cilantro leaf

With that done, your princess roll sushi is now ready to serve!