About Me – Clare Farnell

Clare Farnell Hi, I’m Clare self professed, ex sushi lover.

I absolutely adore Sushi now, however, when I was a kid just the thought of it turned my stomach. I took this hatred of raw fish into my early 20’s until I moved to Japan for a short spell.

Now, even though Sushi is not TRADITAIONALLY Japanese, the way we know it here in the West, a friend of mine convinced me to try raw fish (Narezushi) at this amazing restaurant.

It was sublime, I can not even begin to describe it.

The rest as they say is history.

I have been to many sushi restaurants throughout the world, everytime I am in a new city I try and visit the top sushi restaurant in the area.

I even now make it at home, review products like sushi making kits, chopsticks, knives, rolling matts even sushi rice cookers.

Please join me on my continued journey.

Your sushi loving friend