Tiffany Roll Sushi To Titivate Your Tastebuds

Americans love seafood and particularly sushi, the culinary phenomenon that was first developed in Japan and has taken the rest of the food world by storm. Whether you’re in the mood for a romantic dinner, a quick lunch, a meal with the family, or simply a quick take-away meal when you are not in the mood for cooking but still need something nutritious, sushi can provide a memorable experience.

A Quick History of Sushi

In order to fully understand how sushi developed and subsequently spread all over the world, you need to remember that modern refrigeration was only invented after the 1930s. Before then fresh fish was preserved by wrapping it in fermented rice and keeping it in barrels until it was needed, a practice that originated somewhere in Southeast Asia. Sushi as a dish has come a long way since then and has a fascinating history.

Most people believe that sushi was invented by the Japanese who first discovered how to preserve fish by wrapping cured (salted) fish in fermented rice as the rice was found to help preserve the fish for longer periods of time. Later they discovered that adding rice vinegar to the mixture reduced the time needed to ferment the rice and in addition allowed the fish to be eaten together with the fish.

Although the process took a long time and the end result did not smell too good, it still tasted good enough to eat. The smell was always an issue which helped drive them to develop the process further until fermentation was abandoned in favor of vinegar only and the sushi could be eaten sooner.

Much later they invented the sheet form of nori seaweed that gave rise to the first forms of rolled sushi with added ingredients in addition to the fish and rice. Bite sized modern day sushi is nothing like the large rolls the Japanese enjoyed at street venues that sprang up all over Japan, especially in Tokyo. Since then sushi has entered the rest of the world’s fast food markets as cheffs developed new versions like the California Roll that replaced the fish with vegetables like avocado and cucumber. Today sushi is prepared and served in many different ways in both the traditional Japanese style as well as Western styles.

Tiffany Roll Sushi To Titivate Your Tastebuds

How is Sushi Made?

Traditional Japanese-style sushi is made from fermented seasoned rice topped with different types of sliced, fresh ingredients and raw fish tightly rolled into a nori seaweed sheet.

Tiffany Roll Sushi

This is one of the most common types of sushi in America. Tiffany Roll Sushi is slightly different as it is rolled with two slices of raw fish with an overlapping center. Its delicate texture and taste makes it one of the most popular types of sushi to order as an appetizer or as a nutritious lunch. Tiffany Roll Sushi is often topped with a seaweed lollipop to satisfy even the most adventurous eater’s tastebuds. Next time you crave sushi to satisfy your hunger, try this delicious variation of sushi.