CNN’s names Kyubei as its Best Sushi for 2010 Tokyo Best Eats

On the third page of this year’s Tokyo’s Best Eats on CNN’s website, a sushi restaurant called Kyubei (or Kyubey) makes an appearance as the best sushi place.  It looks good, the price seems right and must be worth it if it was noticed by CNN (I hope).  I’ll try to make it there over the holidays – after first trying one or two other Ginza local sushi restaurants.

Surely, if you’re not used to eating sushi or a first-timer, you might want to avoid this restaurant simple because of the prices.  The “Omakase” lunch course runs at 8,000 yen+!  My suggestion would be to build up a tolerance to sushi by frequenting a cheap kaitenzushi or lower ranked sushi bar.  This would not only offer you a chance to experience the real difference between good sushi and less-good sushi (I don’t think there’s any really “bad” sushi in Japan, but I’ve had some bad dining episodes in the past), but may also make you feel a lot more comfortable paying the hefty bill.