Why The Superman Sushi Roll Is A Must-Try For Sushi Lovers

With so many unique and extensive sushi rolls and recipes out there, a new one that has been floating around is the Superman Sushi Roll.

Unlike your regular rolls, it doesn’t contain rice rather it comes with tuna, salmon and imitation crab that is wrapped in the center with soy paper and the entire roll is dresses up with green onions, ponzu sauce, fried garlic and a special eel sauce that makes it mouthwatering.

Some sushi lovers also like to wrap their Superman Roll in a full sheet of seaweed with rice which also includes rice, cream cheese, bbq eel sauce, crab mix: snow crab/kanikama, asparagus and 2 pieces of tempura shrimp. These are then topped with slices of avocados and masago.

If you can’t tell, this sushi roll is extremely tasty and a must-try if you are a sushi lover.

What Makes This Roll Unique?

Although from the looks of it, a Superman Roll may appear like a regular sushi bite but the ingredients here are what really gives it its own uniqueness, flavor and taste.

Rice here is optional as that is replaced by tuna, salmon and imitation crab. Some die hard sushi lovers also like to add yellowtail fish. However, if you love rice, we recommend adding avocado, cucumber along with tobiko to satisfy your taste buds.

The best thing about Superman Roll is that it literally melts inside your mouth the moment you take that first bite which further increases your temptation.

The Secret Superman Sushi Roll Sauce

Why The Superman Sushi Roll Is A Must-Try For Sushi Lovers

Usually, soy sauce is used for dipping sushi and sashimi and this gives your roll a salty and sweet flavor. Moreover, Wasabi which is made from Kudzu is also used and this gives the sushi rule a very strong and spicy taste just like horseradish and mustard. This adds a bit of heat to your roll, making it even more enjoyable.

However, for the Superman Roll, eel sauce or sometimes bbq eel sauce is used and it makes the roll mouthwatering. A few Japanese restaurants also service it with a special fish sauce that gives you an instant flavorful hit.

You can also try tuna sauce with Superman Roll but we recommend the eel sauce for best experience.

What Is The Best Combination For Superman Roll?

When you are dining at a restaurant or even eating sushi at home, you definitely want to have something to couple with your Superman Sushi Roll. Some of the popular combos include:

  • Cucumber: For adding a refreshing and crunchy bite to your sushi
  • Fried Egg: It perfectly compliments the rice in your roll and is liked by almost everyone
  • Pick Seaweed: If you love vegan filling, then the pickle seaweed is the best combo for you. You can also sprinkle some sesame seeds on top to boost up your health
  • Beef & Red Onion: If you are a meat lover then coupling your Superman Roll with some beef and red onion would make your experience even more delightful
  • Crumbled Prawn With Salad: Japanese deep-fried prawn add a crunchy touch to your soft Superman Rolls. It is usually enjoyed as a filling in sushi with vinegary rice and salad wrapped around the nori sheet

Final Words

We know by now you can’t keep yourself from trying out the Superman Sushi Rolls. So, why not head straight to a restaurant or buy the ingredients and try one for yourself? Do let us know about your experience in the comments section.

Note: If you are not used to eating big sushi pieces, Superman Roll can be somewhat difficult to eat. But who cares when they are so delicious?