What Is Sexy Roll Sushi?

When you hear the mention of sushi for dinner, this is typically not your average everyday meal in the Western culture. It is usually reserved for days when you want something different or special. Sushi is particularly popular with people who are going out on a date. There is something about sushi that caters to a romantic night out. You can even consider sushi a sexy food. In fact, many sushi bars have what is called a “sexy roll sushi”. We’ll get into the specifics of what that is in a minute, but first, let’s see why sushi is such a sexy food!

Sushi Is Sensual

Sushi is a treat to all of your senses. Sushi chefs are masters at creating tiny works of art with just a few ingredients that are like candy to your eyes. When you put a piece of sushi in your mouth, you can feel the various textures in just that one bite. As you chew, the flavors from the ingredients blend together to give your taste buds an amazing experience. As you and your date enjoy this pleasure together, it will put you in the right mood!

You Can Impress Your Date With Something Exotic and Sophisticated

What Is Sexy Roll Sushi?

Going to a sushi restaurant is like traveling to an exotic realm. The vibes are different from that of a steakhouse. It’s elegant and classy. You don’t eat with heavy forks and knives, but with a delicate pair of sushi chopsticks. Even the sushi restaurants that are not considered very expensive have a sophistication to them with their sushi chefs behind the counter creating their works of art. When you take your date to a sushi restaurant, you are saying that you are adventurous and a person of the world!

You Won’t Eat A Meal That Feels Heavy In Your Stomach

A really full stomach does not help you feel romantic because you’re busy digesting your food, and that can make you feel tired. With sushi, you get just enough food to satisfy your appetite, and you have energy after dinner to engage in more fun and romantic activities.

What is Sexy Roll Sushi?

Okay, now if you really want to your date night to go well, you can order something called a sexy roll sushi. Most sushi restaurants have a variation of this.

Basically, inside the roll is shrimp tempura, spicy crab, avocado, cream cheese, and cucumber. The roll is topped with tuna, sweet & spicy shrimp (you call it sexy shrimp) and a drizzle of delectable special sauce. The rich red color of the tuna is very sexy looking, and the smooth texture from the avocado and cream cheese blended with the crunch of the tempura really give your mouth an amazingly sensual experience.

A variation of this uses just tuna. Inside the roll is spicy tuna and cucumber. The roll is topped with more tuna, masago (fish roe), and a spicy & rich mayo sauce. The masago is smooth and sensual, and the spiciness can stimulate those frisky feelings.

So, there you have it. If you really want your date night to go well, go to a sushi restaurant and get a sexy roll sushi. This will get your date night off to a great start.