What Equipment Do You Need To Make Sushi?

While some people prefer going to restaurants for delicious sushi rolls, the majority want to learn how to prepare such meals from the comfort of their home. Are you looking forward to a well-prepared and delicious snack that guarantees satisfaction? We are here for you. We have created this article to make your dream come true. Before you can make your rolls at home, there are things you must have, not only ingredients but equipment too. So, what equipment do you need to make sushi? Let us find out.

Rice Cooker.

With a rice cooker, you can make the process more convenient. However, for the best experience, you are supposed to use a quality, sizable and versatile rice cooker that can serve different roles in the kitchen. Modern cookers are best for preparing rice. It is okay to use any cooker but note that some will not give you the best snack. Besides buying a great cooker, make sure you know how to use it. A cooker, you do not have to worry about the possibilities of burning your rice when using it. Once you are done, instead of letting your rice stay in the warm cooker, mix it in a cooking bowl.

What Equipment Do You Need To Make Sushi?

Rice Paddle.

To cook your delicacy and give it the best taste, the rice needs to be seasoned. That is why you will need a rice paddle. It lets you mix vinegar into the rice, and you can also add sweeteners like sugar and salt. Unless you have a rice paddle, you will find it hard to handle the sushi. To mix the vinegar uniformly into the rice, you want to use a quality rice paddle.

Bamboo Mat.

It is essential ensure that your bamboo mat is covered using plastic wrap. The wrap will keep rice from sticking on the mat as that would give you a tedious experience when making the snack at home. Bamboo mats are great because, with them, you will easily roll and shape it into your preferred shapes. Sushi can be made either in square or circular shapes. Your making kit should come with a good bamboo mat. It is also easy to find them in your preferred stores.

Sharp Knife.

To slice the rolls into the desired sizes, you need a sharp knife for sushi. To prepare the best, you should make clean, accurate cuts that are attractive to the eye to boost presentation and eating morale. Doing so is one of the best ways to show your loved ones at home that you know what you are doing. At the restaurant, chefs have knives that are strictly designed for sushi, but you do not need all that. However, a dull knife will not give you clean, accurate cuts, so work with something sharp.

Bowl of Water.

When rolling the rice on a bamboo mat, your hands are likely to get sticky, making it hard to work on the sushi you are trying to prepare. Your kitchen counter should have a clean bowl of water that you will use to clean your hands after touching the rice. Many people try to add some detergents to the water, which is not suitable for your health; just keep the water in the bowl pure. It is also a good way to maximize kitchen hygiene.

Avocado Cutter.

You need an avocado to best make your rolls, and they are supposed to be chopped into smaller pieces. An avocado cutter can help you do that easily. Most making kits come with avocado cutters, but if it does not have one, you can buy them from your local store. You can also decide to use your avocado cutter to slice the veggies as well. It all depends on how well you know how to use the blade.

If you have never tried making this delicacy before, this guide is crafted to help you know what you will need. Although this list does not contain everything, with the mentioned items, you will not struggle with your home preparations and many store bought sushi making kit have all the above. If you would learn more about sushi, we have the best resources for you. Just take a tour of our website, and you will find articles that show you how to make delicious sushi at home for your guests and little ones.