The Playboy Roll Sushi

Sushi has been around in the United States ever since the 1960s – and during this period it has continued to not only capture the imagination of those who enjoy the decadent experience of fresh ocean produce, but also the sheer skills that are required in order to produce a product that appeals to both the eye and the taste buds.

There are now versions of Sushi that bear little resemblance to those that are found in Asia – but have also spread from the shores of the United States to satisfy cravings across the world.

“Think of the ubiquitous California Roll, the Rainbow Roll, or even the Spicy Tuna Roll.”

However, sushi offerings in the U.S. continue to evolve – and one of the most impressive of the latest offerings is the Playboy Roll Sushi.

Now this version of Sushi has nothing to do with the empire that was established by Hugh Heffner – and it is not served by scantily clad women. But it does epitomize decadence – both in the preparation and as far as the ingredients are concerned.

Now, as with most American sushi offerings, Playboy Sushi roll can vary enormously from restaurant to restaurant, but there are some commonalities.

The first is the core ingredients, and they can include Prawn Tempura, spicy tuna mix, asparagus, tempura chips, cooked shrimp, and a number of specialty sauces that may vary from restaurant to restaurant. But the list of ingredients can be far more varied than those. It may contain imitation crab, cream cheese or cucumber, or Yellowtail – and the sauces can vary from Eel sauce to other Asian sauce additions. But it is the way that it is prepared at the table that sets it apart from other Sushi offerings.

The Playboy Roll Sushi

It arrives at your table looking good enough to tuck into immediately – but your patience will be rewarded. this is Sushi that has something special to offer. Prior to it being served the entire roll is wrapped in foil and then set alight. There are different ways that this is done. It might rely on heat applied to the bottom of the roll – and aromatics may play their part in providing the finished roll with a unique flavor – or the entire roll can be set aflame.

The result is something unique. There is a woody, smoky and earthy taste to the finished product. This may not be what many think of as the ‘traditional’ Sushi experience, but it is certainly worth trying – even for those who may shy away from the raw ingredients that give Sushi its wonderful taste and mouthfeel.

The idea that a perhaps sexist label could be given to a dish such as this is completely misleading. The fact of the matter is that quality counts. There are many restaurants that claim to offer the dish, but those who truly value an exceptional Asian dining experience will opt for those dining destinations that have a reputation for using only the freshest of ingredients.