The Best Way To Eat The Calamari Roll Sushi

The calamari roll sushi features calamari as the main ingredient. Some of the other ingredients that make this dish highly flavorful are rice, seaweed, and vegetables. It is usually served with a variety of dipping sauces. While it may seem daunting to make sushi at home, it is actually quite easy to do with the help of a sushi rolling mat. With a little practice, anyone can make delicious and professional-looking calamari rolls.

The Traditional Way Of Eating A Calamari Sushi Roll

When eating a calamari roll, it is important to use special sushi chopsticks in order to avoid tearing the delicate squid. The roll should be eaten in one bite, and the vegetables and rice should be used to balance out the salty taste of the squid. Additionally, it is important to dip the roll in soy sauce before eating it, as this will help to bring out the flavors of the dish.

Traditionally, this roll is served with soy sauce. However, in recent times, many restaurants serve it with a range of other dipping sauces, such as wasabi, ponzu sauce, eel sauce, and pickled ginger. It is best if you try it the traditional way before experimenting with other sauces.

What To Order Along With The Calamari Roll?

The calamari roll is made with squid that has been tempura fried and served with a sweet chili sauce, soy sauce, or wasabi mayo. If you’re unsure what to order along with your calamari roll, here are a few things that you can try:

The Best Way To Eat The Calamari Roll Sushi
  • Edamame: These boiled soybeans are the perfect starter to any sushi meal. They’re salty and satisfying, and they pair well with almost any sushi roll.
  • Miso soup: This Japanese soup is made with a variety of different ingredients, including miso paste, seaweed, tofu, and vegetables. It’s light but filling, and it’s the perfect way entrée to have before the calamari roll.
  • Salmon nigiri: Nigiri is a type of sushi that consists of raw fish atop rice. Salmon is a popular choice for nigiri because it’s rich and flavorful. Plus, it pairs beautifully with the tempura squid in this roll.
  • Japanese green tea – The light flavor will not compete with the sushi, and the tea’s antioxidants will help to offset some of the sodium from the soy sauce.
  • Sake – A cold glass of sake is always a good choice to complement this dish. The smoothness of the rice wine will go well with the texture of the calamari, and the sweetness will balance out the saltiness of the soy sauce.
  • Beer – If you’re in the mood for something truly unique, try pairing your Calamari Roll with a cold beer. The carbonation will help to cleanse your palate between bites, and the maltiness of most beers will provide a nice contrast to the subtle sweetness of the sushi roll.

Want to try a new and interesting sushi roll? If you do, give the calamari roll sushi a go. This seafood-inspired dish is sure to please your taste buds.