Some Types Of Sushi You Might Need To Know

Japan is renowned for its diverse cuisine. Sushi is one of the most well-liked foods worldwide. Rice is shaped into sushi by adding side foods like meat, fish, or vegetables. Besides, how does sushi taste like? Because sushi rice is seasoned with a concoction of rice vinegar, salt, and sugar, it has a soft, tangy flavor.

Well, here are some types of sushi that you need to know, so you don’t go wrong when ordering it.

1. Norimaki
Starting from norimaki, the type of sushi that is most often found in Indonesia. Norimaki wrapped in nori paper (seaweed) with rice filling and various side dishes, such as eggs, beef, salmon, tuna, eel, octopus, or sliced cucumber.

2. Oshizushi
Although the shapes are different, oshizushi and norimaki are practically identical. Oshizushi are often square or rectangular while norimaki are typically round or round.

3. Inarizushi
Tofu that has been deep-fried forms the outer layer of the sushi known as inarizushi. It also has refined rice in it.

some types of shushi you miht need to know

4. Nigiri
Nigiri is one of the most favorite types of sushi. Nigiri is served with rice topped with pieces of raw fish. Types of fish can vary, ranging from salmon, tuna, squid, eel, or octopus.

5. Sashimi
Fish chunks are served uncooked as sashimi. Sashimi typically comes without rice and is just dipped in the sauce that has been served, unlike other sushi which typically involves rice.

6. Chirashi
Chirashi is a type of sushi served in the form of a rice bowl topped with various toppings. Usually in the form of seafood such as shrimp, salmon, and fish eggs.

7. Uramaki
This type of sushi usually swaps the location of the nori wrapper with rice. The nori paper is inside and the rice is on the outside as a wrapper. The filling can be fruit, vegetables, or various seafood.