Reasons That Make Sushi So Expensive

Why is sushi so expensive? Indeed, sushi seems trivial like making other home dishes, but behind it there are several things that make Sushi expensive:

Quality Cooking Ingredients
The 2 fish that are most often served in Sushi are Tuna and Salmon. Tuna, like beef steak, has parts that are suitable for making sushi which are judged based on the amount of fat they have, the more fat the more expensive. The most coveted part is the belly meat. The level of fat can be seen from the color, if it is pink, it means a lot of fat, and if it looks dark red, it means it has little fat and of course it is cheaper. For Salmon, you need special skills to be able to process salmon meat, if you lack experience, it’s possible that a lot of fine thorns in the meat get stuck in our teeth. Salmon quickly becomes fishy if left for a long time, therefore it must be served immediately.

reasons that make sushi so expensive

Need Special Skills
If you look at Sushi only fish, the rice is no less important. To prepare the rice requires the accuracy of mixing the spices. In Japan, a new chef is allowed to mix rice when he has several years of experience. At a very expensive Sushi restaurant, the sushi is made in front of us one by one by the head chef, so the dining experience is so exclusive. Experienced chefs pay handsomely, and that goes into our bill.

Long Preparation Time
Eating Sushi is only a short time, but it takes a long time to prepare the dish. Unlike other dishes that can be made in large quantities. Sushi must be made individually by hand. In addition, the time to prepare the ingredients is also quite long, such as cleaning the fish, cutting the fish one by one until serving it.