Do I Need a Sushi Making Kit to Make it at Home?

If you are a Japanese food enthusiast, chances are high that you like shusi. Even though you can enjoy this meal at restaurants that make Japanese meals, it costs quite a lot of money. This means that you might not eat out as frequently as you might like. But the good news is that you can prepare this meal at home on your own. All you need are the right ingredients and the right tools to get the job done. If you are wondering what is the best sushi making kit? Here is a review of the top kits.

Aya Sushi Making Set

If you are a beginner and it is your first time to prepare this meal, then this is the right set for you. It even comes with tutorials from a professional chef. The set includes a rolling mat, spatula, five sets of chopsticks, bazooka mold, knife with non-stick coating and rice spreader.

It is quite affordable.

FUNGYAND All in One Maker

This DIY set can be used by anyone from a beginner to a master chef. It comes with a paddle, rice spreader, bamboo mat, knife, chopstick, chopstick holders, bazooka and silicone brush. To top it all, it also comes with an avocado slicer.

The set is made out of high quality material and it’s BPA free. It also comes with a storage bag, where you can keep the items when they are not in use. It’s also easy to wash. Make sure to dry every piece well before storing them.

BambooWorx Set

Do I Need a Sushi Making Kit to Make it at Home?

Just like the name suggests, the parts in this set are made out of bamboo, giving it a strong bamboo smell. The set includes two rolling mats, rice spreader and rice paddle. The advantage of the bamboo set is that there will be no cotton strings or splinters

It is quite easy to maintain these pieces. All you have to do is to occasionally rub them with mineral oil. Also, they should be hand washed.

If you plan on making this meal on a regular basis, it can be tedious to use this set due to their high maintenance. But if you will be cooking with it just once in a while, like once a week, then you can opt for this set.

Suchefu Bazooka Making Kit

A person of any skill level can make use of this set, from beginners to professional chefs. The set comes with an instruction manual and eBook that guide you on how to use it and some recipes to try out. It also comes with a lifetime warranty, which means that you can return it at any time and get 100% refund.

This bazooka set helps you get a perfect round shape of filling. You can then place your seaweed over it and cut out slices.

The disadvantage is that the quality of material used to make it is not that good, meaning that it is not quite durable.

Gen Making Set

This kit is meant for a beginner. It comes with a spatula, knife and four molds. However, it does not come with a rolling mat. The molds are in different shapes, including circle, heart, rectangle and triangle.

The material used to make it is BPA free. Also, the nonstick coating on the knife helps to prevent the rice and other ingredients from sticking to it when cutting. The set is also dishwasher safe.

Suroy Making Set

This set is made out of superior quality bamboo. It comes with a guide that shows you how to prepare the meal. The set includes two rolling mats, a storage bag, five chopsticks, a sauce dish, a rice making equipment, rice paddle and rice spreader.

This set should be hand washed in warm soapy water.

Meidong Set

The major advantage that this set provides you with is that it enables you to make rolls of different sizes and shapes. From heart shaped to rectangular, square and round shapes.

Its made out of BPA material; it is quite easy to clean and to use. It is an ideal kit for beginners.


Having the right equipment will help you make a tasty meal right in your own kitchen. The tools listed here can be used by people of all levels, from beginners to experienced cooks.