Butterfly Roll Sushi: Nutritional Facts

A butterfly roll is a type of sushi that features two thin sheets of nori rolled around a filling of rice and seafood. The fillings can vary, but often include fish such as salmon or tuna, as well as vegetables such as cucumber or avocado. A few other ingredients that make this dish immensely tasty are scallion, shrimp, crab, tempura crumbs, tobiko, and cream cheese. The roll is cut into pieces, giving it its signature butterfly shape. With their delicate flavor and beautiful presentation, these rolls make a perfect starter or main course for any sushi feast.

Calorie count of your butterfly sushi roll

Here are the details of the calorie count of butterfly sushi rolls:

● Calories – 320
● Total fat – 15 g and 7 g of unsaturated fat
● Sodium – 13% amounting to 290 mg
● Carbohydrates – 39 g
● Sugar – 4 g
● Net carbs – 37 g
● Fiber – 2 g (8%)
● Protein – 6 g

How to eat the butterfly sushi roll?

To eat a butterfly roll sushi, start by using your chopsticks to pick up a piece of sushi. Then, dip the sushi in soy sauce and wasabi before eating it whole. Some people prefer to dip it only in wasabi. But if you want to get a sweet and tangy kick from the roll, it would be wise to dip it both in wasabi and soy sauce.

How did the roll get its name?

The butterfly roll gets its name from its beautiful butterfly-like appearance. As already mentioned, the sushi has a rolling sheet of nori seaweed and a combination of rice and fish filling. The roll is then sliced into thin strips. The final product resembles a delicate butterfly wing, making it one of the most visually stunning types of sushi rolls.

While the butterfly roll is typically associated with Japanese cuisine, it has become popular in many other countries as well. Thanks to its unique appearance and delicious flavor, millions of people around the world are not only trying it in restaurants but also making the roll at home.

Butterfly Roll Sushi: Nutritional Facts

Things you can eat along with the butterfly roll sushi

Although the butterfly roll is delicious on its own, there are a few other dishes that can be ordered alongside it to create a complete meal. For example, miso soup is a classic starter dish that goes well with this sushi roll. You can also try, a traditional side dish. On the other hand, if you want to pair the roll with a beverage, you can order green tea. It is the perfect beverage to wash down a savory meal. When ordering sushi, be sure to consider all of the different elements that make up a complete and enjoyable meal.

The butterfly roll sushi is a delicious and easy-to-follow recipe that is perfect for any occasion. Its ingredients are simple and can be found at most local grocery stores, making this dish a great option for last-minute gatherings or unexpected guests and impressing them with your culinary skills.