Best Sushi Chopsticks – How To Choose The Best Chopsticks For Eating Sushi?

Chopsticks come in different styles and are usually based on cultural differences. For example, the Japanese chopsticks are pointier whereas the Chinese chopsticks boast blunt ends also they are longer than the one used in Korean and Japanese cuisines.

Be it be the material, design or style, these East Asian utensils come in several different forms.


Above all, we are looking at the best sushi chopsticks. In this guide we will help dive into endless options of chopsticks including material, length, style and shape so that you can find out which type of chopsticks are best for you to munch on that delicious sushi roll.

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Why Use Chopsticks For Eating Sushi?

Best Sushi Chopsticks - How To Choose The Best Chopsticks For Eating Sushi?

Well, chopsticks are easy to clean than spoons or forks. You can also use them to stir, cut and serve food. Also eating food with chopsticks feels very sophisticated.

Chopstick Materials

Chopsticks are made from three common materials: stainless steel, wood and plastics.

  • Wooden Chopsticks: These come sealed and boast a shinny laminate which gives it a slipper surface. These chopsticks are beautifully decorated and have a mix of colors on them. However, wooden chopsticks are the most difficult to use. The slipper lamination on the body wears away with time and the wood becomes permeable and is hard to clean
  • Metal Chopsticks: These are regarded as the good silverware and are very easy to clean and sanitize. Not to mention that metal chopsticks are heavier and absorb heat quickly. This means you have to be an expert of using chopsticks to use metal made chops
  • Plastic Chopsticks: These are found commonly in Chinese restaurants because they are very easy to clean and use as well. We recommend using plastic chopsticks for sushi eating as they will give you the best experience. They are easily found in Asian grocery stores, restaurants and supply companies

Tip & Body Type

Considering the shape of your chopsticks is also important. Specially the tip of the chopsticks which is either pointy or rounded with a blunt end. The pointy tips are usually designed for picking up rice grains but these sticks may not be good for eating sushi.

Always use a chopstick that has a rounded tip. This gives a better grip on the food, especially meat and vegetables.

Body type of the chopsticks range from fully rounded to squared. We recommend choosing squared body as it offers the best grip. Chopsticks that have rounded bodies can often roll between your fingers which makes it difficult for to pick up food or hold on to it.

Final Words

In the end it all comes down to your personal choice as to which type of stick you want to pick. If you are an expert of using chopsticks you may be comfortable with using any type, form and shape but if you are a complete beginner, do consider our tips before you buy one.

Eating sushi has to be fun, delicious and peaceful. Don’t let a bad choice spoil all the fun.