A Country With The Most Sushi Consumers

People’s passion for sushi raises various intrigue questions, one of which is what country eats the most sushi. Besides Japan, it turns out that there is one city outside the Asian continent that has hundreds of sushi restaurants until it is called one of the cities with the most restaurants in the world besides Japan.

It’s not new anymore, if sushi occupies the top position as one of the world’s Asian foods. Not only in Asian countries, but in America to Europe, sushi has become a popular food there.

Besides Japan, it turns out that there is one country, to be precise, one city that has the most sushi restaurants in the world. This city is not from an Asian country, but from Canada, namely the city of Vancouver.

Not without reason why people recognize Vancouver as a sushi paradise. They use data from Google, to find which cities have the most search keywords for sushi on the internet.

A Country With The Most Sushi Consumers

Through Google Trends, they break down values for countries and cities, where sushi is highly sought after in search engines. For example, Vancouver has a score of 100 for sushi popularity, while the city of New York only has a score of 82. This means that more people in Vancouver are looking for sushi on Google search engines, than people in New York.

The popularity of sushi in Vancouver is unquestionable. Not only from Google data, but in Vancouver alone there are at least more than 600 sushi restaurants. This figure is quite high compared to other cities, such as the Russian city of Novosibirsk, which only has 99 sushi restaurants.

Followed by three cities in Ukraine, namely Odessa, Kharkiv, and Kyiv in the next sequence. Likewise with countries in Asia, such as China, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand to Singapore, have hundreds of sushi restaurants from five-star to street-level classes.