5 Reasons To Order Scorpion Roll Sushi

If you are in the mood for sushi and the number of options on the menu is making it difficult to choose, consider getting scorpion roll sushi. This is the best option for NUMEROUS reasons, but here are the 5 top reasons to make this your number one choice.

1. The Size

While it is common to order numerous rolls while out enjoying sushi, this is not an option for those who are on a stricter budget, especially if the rolls being offered are on the smaller side. One great thing about scorpion roll sushi is that it is typically larger than other rolls on the menu. Since it is considered a premium selection, you may pay a bit more for it, but you can cure your sushi craving with just one roll.

2. It Is Spicy

This probably doesn’t apply to those who like their food as hot as an inferno, but if you like a little kick, this roll offers that and then some. Not only is spicy tuna on top, but there is spicy mayo drizzled on as well. Combine that with some eel sauce and you have a triad of different flavors combining on your palate simultaneously.

3. The Freshness

5 Reasons To Order Scorpion Roll Sushi

Whether you believe it or not, there are some people who dislike certain rolls because they are mainly focused on protein and carbs. There is nothing wrong with indulging yourself, but if you need to find a roll that has some much-needed freshness, this should be your go-to option. While there is more than one protein present, you can also find slices of cucumber that nicely cut through the richness.

4. Indulgence

Sometimes diners are solely focused on sushi as a way to eat light and fresh, but there are always eaters who prefer to have a good balance of nice and naughty. The richness in the roll comes from cream cheese and fresh avocado. While this is a bit fatty, keep in mind that avocados contain “good” fat, not the kind that loves to hang around where it is not wanted.

5. Soft Shell Crab

As many readers may know, it is not possible to get your hands on soft shell crab all of the time. This means you should probably order it whenever you get the chance. Not only is this delightful crustacean added to a roll that is pretty filling, but it is fried with a crispy tempura batter. With so many other elements on the roll being soft, it adds a different textural component.

Every sushi restaurant does not offer all of the same options, but you can find a scorpion roll on the menu at countless restaurants across the US. If your goal is to eat something semi-healthy while giving yourself a little bit of indulgence, this would certainly be the way to go. With all of the different items that this roll is comprised of, you will be able to fulfill many of your culinary needs in just one bite.